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Hey guys, say hello to the new development blog for Mo' Foods Plus. Here you can follow me (Joel) and my trials of working on this mod. There'll be some lightheartedness, not all serious so don't despair.

I'm posting this blog a few days after releasing the 1.3 update for Mo' Foods. I am now going to start work on 1.4, the barbecue update. Now, we all love barbecue and I have my Epic Idea Cyborg to help me, but if you want to see anything in this mod, don't let it pass us by. Go to the contact us page and get in touch.

Being known as the Barbecue update for now, Mo' Foods 1.4 will mainly be focusing on food you would find at a barbecue, and yes; the barbecue itself. I'm going to be mainly working on a new block called the barbecue which will be GUI capable. At the moment the concept I'm working from has a slot for coal as an oven does but also has 9, yes 9 slots for food. You will only be able to place 1 food in each slot and it will cook for a unknown period. The texture will change when it is cooked, and there will be all new barbecued food! Let me know what you think of this concept!

Joel, Lightning Code Samurai... Sayonara


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